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Product info and Add-on Modules is an online, web-based subscription service that provides assistance in analyzing problems, resolving claim rejections, reviewing medical necessity issues and appealing rejection decisions  

Search across all 4 code sets at the same time using code book indexes or Optum360 Code® search tool.


Inpatient/ outpatient hospital coders, hospital billers, hospital revenue integrity and case management consultants


Complete reference source for coding, billing, reimbursement and compliance in a hospital setting


Assist your bottom line by enhancing accuracy, compliance and efficiency

WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE uses Claims Manager logic to scrub UB-04 an CMS-1500 claims.

Did you know that access to the AHA Coding Clinics content within an Optum360 online coding tool gives users the capability to view the entire library of AHA Coding Clinics HCPCS/ICD (ICD includes ICD9 and ICD10 articles) newsletters for the price of a year hardcopy newsletter subscription? With the AHA Coding Clinics HCPCS/ICD add-on purchase to your Optum360 online coding product, you will receive:

  • Access to a complete library of all AHA Coding Clinic newsletters in their entirety (volumes and quizzes back to 2001 for HCPCS and 2003 for ICD).
  • The most up-to-date advice on correct code assignment of HCPCS supply and service codes (AHA Coding Clinic HCPCS).
  • The most current code assignment information based on new technologies and newly identified diseases (AHA Coding Clinic for ICD).
  • Capabilities to:
     + See all articles specifically tied to any HCPCS or ICD code for official coding guidelines and advice from the source.
     + Search by year/quarter and see the all the newsletter articles and quizzes in any of those quarterly publications.
     + Search any newsletter article by keyword, code, modifier, or by ICD9 or ICD10 specifically.

Gain access today to the full library of AHA Coding Clinics HCPCS or AHA Coding Clinics ICD by simply contacting your sales representative:
Phone: 1.800.464.3649, Option 1

The capabilities to view AHA Coding Clinic newsletters in their entirety is add-on functionality exclusive to AHA and Optum360 online coding tool customers.